Project of design and installation of ventilation systems of wine cellar – is one of the most complex and interesting from professional point of view. The main feature was the fact that the room should not collect foreign smells, because they can penetrate through the sealed tube and thereby spoil the wine. It should be taken care of high-quality ventilation system so that reserves didn’t deteriorate.

The best option, which will solve all the problems, is design and installation of combined extract and input ventilation forced (mechanical) system. Also, we should take care of quality equipment and distribution of air masses.

Design and installation of ventilation systems: details


Due to feature of space and products stored in it, it was made decision to use both mechanical ventilation and forced exhaust system. This approach promotes proper air filtration and circulation of air indoors and outside. Mechanical ventilation system includes several mandatory points:

  • Air filters, which differ by technical characteristics, but perform the same function — they purify the air from mechanical impurities;
  • Grilles for air intake, by which animals, rodents or debris won’t get into the airway;
  • Valves, which function is to regulate strength, quantity and speed of air mass;
  • Fresh air ventilators to direct air and airway;
  • Silencers for noise reduction;
  • Equipment for air heating to certain temperature.

Auxiliary elements are airways, which connect all elements (technique and accessories) in a single system. For changing of parameters and tuning of work monitoring it is used automation.

Calculation of project


It is included a few basic parameters in calculation of project, namely:

  • Number of fans and their power;
  • Materials for airways, indicators of sections and squares;
  • Speed of air traffic;
  • Maximum allowable noise level;
  • Characteristics of additional equipment;

It should be noted that the system is additionally equipped with recuperator. This devise is for heating of cold air with warm airflow without their mixing. It was used rotary recuperator, which can operate even in the coldest winter to – 15 degrees, so that temperature is always optimal in the room.