Konven Company presents the project on arrangement and connection of alarm system. In total system consists of a number of technical devices and accessories which are set to protect project against unwanted intrusion. Reliability of security system in many respects depends on design stage, after all, the original plan is the basis arrangement of alarm system. Errors at this stage are unacceptable, that is why there are strict limits and set design stages.

Each alarm system consists of receivers, lamps, lines of communication, chains, electrical power supplies and light and sound technique. Designed project includes several steps of protection. The first step is – protection of external perimeter of the building, the second step – protection of interior, the third step – local objects. What is security alarm installation – this will be discussed in this project.

Work stages


While working on design of security system Konven Company proposed following sequence of actions:

  • Initial data of object, namely: building plan, locality of adjacent territory, area of the building and premises, appointment;
  • Going of engineer (designer) on area for measuring work, data verification, familiarity with possible features of location of building and its architectural nuances;
  • Preparation of requirements specification and coordination with Customer, sign of agreement;/span>
  • Project development, implementation (installation) of security alarm at object;
  • Possibility to order security alarm service.

Security alarm system: features


Specialists of Konven Company after inspection of object offered stand-alone security alarm. This choice is not accidental and is due to the specifics of the object — large area of buildings and adjacent territory. Such system works without support and in case of penetration into the territory of other persons the system alerts security guards with powerful and loud signal.

Cost of realization of project depends on several factors: type of object, presence or absence of territory, features of building, number of borders. Some customers order the project on the basis of one or two borders. It depends on how high the level of security required. Thanks to Konven it can be implemented various types of security system: video, stand-alone, panel, addressed and not-addressed. We offer complex solutions, namely, we may service security alarm, as well as set and further service of security alarm. To learn more about service, call or email us. We certainly will respond!