The main purpose of storage rooms is – providing of climatic and other conditions for storage of food and non-food products. An important condition for this is existence of necessary microclimate, reliable ventilation and air conditioning systems in the premises. There are 4 categories of requirements for warehouses and storage.

  • First group. Protection of products from temperature changes, precipitation. The most relevant for instruments, tools from steels and other metals;
  • The second category is subject to the same requirements, the only difference in products – varnish and paint products, tin, cable and other;
  • The third category includes rubber, leather, ruberoid, other materials that must be stored in insulated room at refrigerated conditions;
  • The fourth category – protection from precipitation, storage under cover, without warming.

Specialists of Konven Company used several types of equipment in design of ventilation of warehouses: fans and filters, motors, ventilation systems from well-known companies around the world (MitsubishiHeavy, MitsibishiElectric). Such selection of technique and accessories allows you to fully control airflow – as well as to handle it – heat to certain temperature, clean and moisten (depending on the product, which is stored in a warehouse).

Ventilation of storage rooms:

what to consider?


In design of ventilation system of storages we take into account three main indicators:

  • Air humidity. To avoid condensation, which is undesirable for certain types of products and goods, it is necessary to design ventilation system, with considering revolution of the seasons;
  • Air change. In fact, it is replacement of “used air” with clean air. In order for the system to work effectively, it is necessary to calculate volume of air in the room and select the equipment, which will cope with this indicator;
  • Construction type. There are warehouses from metal, bricks, slabs, cinder blocks. Each material has its own characteristics that cannot be ignored in design of ventilation system.

Specialists of Konven Company develop projects with considering of all norms and state standards. That is why every project – it is a long-term, reliable system that copes with the task, reducing energy costs.