Konven Company realizes solutions for heating systems. This time we have been connecting and installing (mounting) radiators in commercial establishment (restaurant). Main task: Set up reliable heating system, due to which the room will be warm and cozy atmosphere.

Realization of project — installation of radiators


It was considered the option of a single-pipe or two-pipe connection. However, the first option is more suitable for high-rise buildings moreover, it doesn’t allow to regulate temperature inside of radiators and also to connect additional equipment. Two-pipe system installation of radiators is more flexible: besides of easy operation, it has several useful functions, based on specifics of design.

The essence of the system is that by one pipe comes hot water, by second – cold water. The advantage is that heater heats up evenly, thereby increasing efficiency not only of the system as a whole, but also each device in particular. Supply of heat can be regulated by special valve which is installed near radiator.

In the second stage it was necessary to determine method of heat carrier circulation (in this case, is water) and chose one of the options: forced and natural. In case of forced circulation the room must be equipped with pump or select boiler with installed pumping facility. Natural circulation is relevant for the regions where there are power outages.

After considering all available options we decided on forced circulation type. Since the owners of entertainment facilities had the boiler without pumping facility, engineers of Konven Company selected pumping facility from Grundfos manufacturer and launched installation of radiators.

Way to connect


There’re 4 types of connection: diagonal, one-sided, bottom, saddle. For connection of radiators we chose diagonal connection, which feature is in minimal heat loss (only 2%). Such a system will effectively heat rooms at any time of the year, reduce the cost of electric heaters and will allow you to make essential savings. Besides, this method allows creating such a cozy atmosphere, about which the customer has mentioned initially.