How many ideal pools are there in Baku, where you can relax, take water treatments yourself or bring a child? And how often do you feel comfortable while being in a pool? More often humidity is very high indoors and that is why because of what is difficult to breathe and constantly feel sleepy. The secret is out: owners of establishments save on energy and simply disconnect the hood. In fact, it is one of the most important mistakes in building maintenance. Moist air can destroy the room, reduce level of comfort and even affect visitors’ health. To avoid this, we need high-quality pool ventilation.

Ventilation for pool from Konven


Konven Company implements projects, developing models of ventilation system in pools. To implement this plan, we use only approved technique with a warranty from manufacturer. At this stage, we officially represent in Azerbaijan European manufacturers of technique and accessories for ventilation systems. This is the equipment we use for implementation of ventilation projects.

We have developed private pool room project, which is very popular with the residents of Baku. Average daily visit is a few hundred people. It should be taken care of an efficient and cost saving system under such conditions and at high humidity. When developing the project, we took into account a number of features:

  • Height and area of the pool, the presence of additional facilities;
  • Pool type, visitors’ flow per day;
  • Schedule of visits;
  • Features of waterproofing indoors;
  • Conditions for placement of equipment, is there a separate room or niche;
  • Location of windows and doors.

The project is designed in such a way that outgoing air flow was much more than coming. This will prevent spread of smell into the neighboring rooms. Inflows for air are located in the lower part of the building, but hoods – are on ceiling. Air exchange is held in four stages, because people are constantly in the building. In other situations parameters can be changed.

For realization it was used equipment of BasicAirplus Company which represents reliable ventilation systems with high working life. The manufacturer provides an official guarantee, Konven – certified support and guaranteed service. To order design service of engineering system and also selection of equipment and accessories with further installation, contact us in any convenient way for you. We will reply on all questions.