Design and connection of gas supply system requires considerable experience – natural gas is highly flammable, therefore ignoring safety norms and government technical standards can lead to tragic consequences. Furthermore, this type of fuel is dangerous for environment and human – it is toxic, and when released into atmosphere poisons space. In order to eliminate spread of gas in environment, it should be taken responsible approach to design work.

Experience of Konven Company specialists shows that care of designing of gasification system should be taken in advance, namely, on construction phase of the object allocating separate room for equipment. It is not only comfortable from domestic point of view, but also complies with safety standards.

Design of gas supply system in Baku


The project was created on the stage of construction of house, that’s why the owners have taken into account all nuances in advance and took care of construction of a separate “technical” room. The essence of the project is to connect gas from the central line to the house. Type of gas pipeline is – external, since it is cheaper than connection of underground gas pipeline. However, it has its lacks – susceptibility to corrosion, possibility of unauthorized connection, influence of precipitation.

Engineers of Konven Company also designed interior layout of gasification system. We installed gas boiler Buderus for heating of an apartment house in a separate room, since according to the norms 4 squares of meters should be given for it. Height of the room is 2.7 meters, which complies with standards. Also for safety reasons it has been connected ground and carried out other types of communication.

Stages of work


  • Familiarity with technical data of construction, architectural features, area of the house, rooms, ceiling height, wall thickness;
  • Preparation of approximate estimate;
  • Collection of documents, permits for gas connection;
  • Arrive to the place, measuring if necessary;
  • Agreement of accurate estimate with customer, signing of agreement on corporation;
  • Design of gasification system with considering individual features of construction;
  • Selection of equipment – boiler, accessories for units;
  • Connection of system and carrying out of start-adjusting works. Customer also ordered additional service maintenance for a period of 5 years.

If you need to design gasification system for residential and non-residential construction, contact us. We will help fast, affordable and with high quality!