One of the most famous companies in the world of production of air-conditioning systems, MitsubishiHeavyIndustries, expands its range of split systems in 2016, and also adds a new model to 10 kW.

Systems with such indicators are very popular among the inhabitants. Split-system of ten kilowatts can be installed in small rooms for commercial use – in warehouses, special purpose rooms, shopping halls and cafes. It is also relevant in private houses and apartments – installation is carried out in living rooms, halls. Advantage of split system Mitsubishi Heavy Industries lies in simple installation and dismantling, without prejudice to the interior or repair. In fact, the unit is mounted directly in the wall without the need to disassemble the wall or ceiling.

SRK100ZR-S model line differs by two indisputable advantages: affordable price and a lot of useful functions and features. It is very compact and practically noiseless air-conditioner. It easily handles with loads, operates at temperature drops outside from — 15 to + 45 degrees. The air-conditioner system is connected to the outdoor FDC block line, which can be installed on the facade of the building, in the separate technical room of the object, in a niche./span>

Choice of such equipment is not accidental. Its feature is presence of only one control unit, thus, it is affordable, easy in operation, installation and maintenance. Split has two panels: wired and wireless. The first has a large screen with a lot of functions. The second has — a standard set. Functional capabilities allow you to connect to air-conditioner to the single control system (production control).

Split-system will be available this summer. Now the line will include six systems of ten kilowatts, this is wall, cassette, canal, ceiling, and column. Konven Company is the main trade representative of Mitsubishi Heavy Company in Azerbaijan. We will make available purchase split systems in Baku, they can be ordered from our online store.