If you are thinking about conditioning of a small office or apartment in Baku, it is sufficient to choose a multifunctional split-system. In this case, you can contact the hotline of provider for advice or ask questions to the seller in the store. But what if you need to design a system from the scratch for industrial facility or a special building? We recommend that you use professional engineers’ services.

Design of conditioning systems

in Baku


The customer contacted Konven Company to design conditioning system in storage room. After discussion of details by phone and scoring preliminary cost of work it was scheduled a meeting for preparation of technical specifications as well as familiarization with documentation on project.

The engineers of the company looked at building plan submitted by the customer, then discussed plan of the future system and determined its type. In the next step we agreed the estimate and started design process. It was performed calculations, such as:

  • System Performance;
  • The indicator of compressor capacity, which is relevant for a specific project;
  • Air flow indicators;
  • Acoustic calculation.

Advantages of technology of MitsubishiHeavy and MitsubishiElectric are reliability, high quality and durability. These Japanese companies are known worldwide as manufacturers of high quality equipment that meets the latest tendencies. Mitsubishi Heavy and Mitsubishi Electric supply equipment for air-conditioning systems in the different countries of the world. This quality is proven over the years.

What have we realized within the bounds of project?


Engineers conducted an additional analysis of the object and designed system according to individual parameters for the object. We also picked up optimally favorable great-value and energy cost equipment and provided advice to costumer. Our specialists have installed the equipment, run it and set up parameters for the future undisturbed operation. Customers additionally ordered service support for 2 years with the possibility of extension, and also received a guarantee from the manufacturer to all equipment.